About the Company

Energija Bioplina d.o.o. is an electric producing company powered by naturally produced biogas. Investment in renewable energy sources is the best future investment and at the same time it is also an excellent business opportunity. As a socially responsible company, we want to invest in the renewable energy sources, to contribute to nature conservation and build a better future for all of us because each biogas plant is, in a way, a gift to nature. We all have a lot to gain:

  • a farmer as a producer of biomass (crops);
  • the state gets green energy and thus fulfils international obligation,
  • local community gets more jobs and a cleaner environment thereby providing a better quality of life for inhabitants,
  • and finally, banks can invest safely and the investor gets added value.

In the end, nature is a real winner, because in the fermentation process biogas is converted into both electricity and heat while everything else (by-product) is returned to nature as a high-quality organic fertilizer.

Our Vision

 We are determined to develop a company that will produce electric and heat energy. From the start, the company will use all the available resources in designing, building, constructing and job creation. Also, it is extremely important to educate business partners and people living near biogas plants and in such way use our company’s potential and contribute to the development of the area. 

Care for Employees

In our companies we offer to competent employees professional advancement, personal development in an innovative and intenrational workplace. We are building a culture of mutual trust and respect, effective cooperation and teamwork and continuous learning.

 Preserving the Environment

We adapt our global development potentials to the use of natural resources, the introduction of clean technologies and the reduction of environmental impact. The most important part is a responsible behavior towards the environment and the development of our short-term and long-term goals.

 Investment Objectives

The objective of the investment is the production of the so-called, green energy from renewable sources. The project of biogas plant fits into the energy strategy of the Republic of Croatia where we have to increase the use of renewable energy sources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The main objective is to achieve sales growth and strenghten our market position, continually develop products and technological processes and follow latest trends in this segment.

Biogas plant will be built beacause in such way we will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase the production of renewable energy.