BIOEN d.o.o.

BIOEN’s mission is triple. Our responsibility is to ensure the financial well-being of our business. Second, to provide the municipalities with an economic alternative to disposing of food waste. And thirdly, to provide premium recycled material to the consumer to benefit from the anaerobic digestion process. Also, we hope to give consumers a positive impression on the use of fertilizers enriched with nutrients.


Buying of silage in 2017

The company Bioen d.o.o. is buying silage in 2017 for all the biogas plants in the group – Bioplinara organica Kalnik 1 d.o.o., Bioplinska elektrana Orehovec d.o.o. and Biointegra d.o.o.

The representatives and responsible persons for the buying are Mr. Marko Šutalo, B.Sc. in Agronomy  and Zoran Alavanja, B. Sc. (Econ).

For all the questions regarding buying and selling silage, please contact Mr. Marko Šutalo on the mobile phone number – +385 91 211 3302.


Address:  Bioen d.o.o.

                      Sveti Petar Orehovec 135,

                     48267 Sveti Petar Orehovec

Phone: +385 48 850 134