Bioplin Proizvodnja d.o.o. – 1 MW

  • Selected Technology: IES Biogas s.r.l.
  • Contractors: IES Biogas s.r.l. and Hidroregulacija d.d.
  • Investment Value: 4,002,225.00 EUR
  • Startup: construction


The 1 MW biogas plant for power generation is located in the business area of Medinci, the town of Slatina in Virovitica-Podravina County. In the rural area of Slatina, the construction of a biogas plant is an essential part in the agricultural process, because it is possible to obtain heat and electricity and provide excellent fertilizer (co-substrate). In August of 2016 started the construction of the biogas plant for the production of electricity and the completion is planned for 2018. A trial run is planned for the end of 2017, and the full-time operation would start at the beginning of 2018.



Figure 1: Construction of 1 MW biogas plant in Slatina

 The biogas plant will be continuously filled and will work in the medium or the mesophilic temperature range, in an anaerobic environment, hence the environment without the presence of oxygen. The energy value of the biogas thus obtained is 5.2 to 6.5 kWh / m3 of biogas. In the production or cogeneration process 83.8% of usable energy is produced, while the remaining losses are in the conversion. Approximately 42.1% of electricity and 41.7% of thermal energy are produced.

 The produced electricity is delivered to the grid, while the heat produced will be used for the processing of biogas raw material (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Proposed Biogas Plant Scheme


Input material (biomass)

 Biogas production materials are divided into two main groups:

  • Substrates:
  •    Fertilizers: beef and pig manure and manure, poultry manure;
  •    Plant biomass: corn, wheat, wheat and grass silage, fresh grass clippings, stem remains, products;
  • Co-substrates or waste from the food processing industry:
  •    Animal by-products including food, fat, fruit and vegetable residues, compost, industrial waste water rich in proteins and carbohydrates, fat-removing substances.

A 14-year contract with the Croatian Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency (HROTE) has been signed for the purchase of electricity by a preferential feed-in tariff, which is corrected annually by inflation and rising energy prices.


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