Energija Bioplina d.o.o. was founded on 3 September 2015 and has its head office in Gregurovec.

The company is designed/set up as a management company – Central and management company is composed of:

  • Department responsible and trained to independently or in cooperation with Croatian subcontractors / right holder services technical, as well as, biological and chemical elements of the power plants. The main goal of the department is to ensure the smooth technical and managerial work with a maximum capacity of all plants. In the future, the department will places its services to other companies in the region, and not only to energy companies owned by Energija Bioplina d.o.o.
  • Central Control System – dispatching center,
  • Department that will be the main logistics center for the feedstock supply for the plants regardless of whether it is their own production or the production agreement with subcontractors. This department will provide during crop production to subcontractors an ongoing support in the development of processing technology with the help of experts from the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb. The objectives of such support and cooperation are:
  • the production of two cultures per year on the same land
  • increasing the quality and yield of feedstock per unit area
  • the reduction of costs and purchase price per unit of measure
  • Subsidiary companies – energy companies that will produce electricity and heat.

Replacement of artificial fertilizers by digestate

The by-product of biogas production is also the biomass that remains after the anaerobic digestion of organic matter – digestate. This high quality fertilizer is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and micronutrients.

Compared to fresh manure digestate, digestate has significantly better fertilizing properties due to homogeneity and higher nutritional value, better carbon and nitrogen ratios, and almost complete lack of unpleasant smell. Digestate as a fertilizer can be integrated into conventional and ecological agriculture, where digestate replaces mineral (artificial) fertilizers produced at high fossil fuel consumption. At the moment, co-operatives are financing reproductive material (artificial fertilizers, seeds, preservatives) for sowing corn silage. The plan is to replace artificial fertilizers with digestate in the coming years.

To test digestate quality, on 10th January 2017, a solid-digested sample was analyzed. The results of the analysis are shown in the table below.

Table – Analysis results of solid separated digestate


The digestate analysis has shown that it is an excellent ground-breaking material (PH 9,83, which means that it is alkaline and as such ground material is discovered) and high humus concentration (70%) enriches the soil.


Digestate artificial fertilizer replacements will be performed gradually, whereby a reduction in the amount of artificial fertilizer by 20% is anticipated in the first year of reduction. The aforementioned reduction relates mostly to the artificial fertilizer Kan that serves to feed.

The five-year business plan is to reduce the input of artificial fertilizer by 60-70%.



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