Construction works at VDM Energija d.o.o.

The Croatian biogas plant operator – company VDM Energija d.o.o. (a member of the Bioen d.o.o. group) has employed an Italian company IES Biogas S.r.l (a member of the European Biogas Association) to build two biogas plants of 999 kWe of nominal power each on sites near Donji Miholjac and Viljevo. IES Biogas S.r.L entered the site on D. Miholjac for the first time only on 12 July 2017. The main challenge set up by the Investor, and taken by the Contractor, is to have the 60mx80m trench silo ready to accommodate this year’s corn silage harvest thus to ensure a reliable operation of the both biogas plants in 2017 and 2018. So far, all the works have been going on in the accordance with the schedule and as of 1 August the following works have been done:

– the trench silo outside wall is completely ready and gaining its strength;

– the trench silos plateau has the leachate collection system installed. The plateau is fully leveled and being about 50% ready for an acid resistant asphalt coating;

– the main frame for the weighbridge is ready for the first stage of the cement filling;

– the foundation for the postlagoon tank is ready and the first ring molds are being installed;

– the current digesters are being prepared for agitator installation. The agitators have already been delivered to the site.

– the quality of the works are being constantly monitored by a highly professional supervising company called Statera d.o.o., which has been satisfied with the quality of the works done so far.

– the site in Viljevo has been cleaned up by the Investor – VDM Energija d.o.o. to be ready for the construction start, which is scheduled for 7 August 2017.