Construction of biogas plants in January 2018

In 2018,  construction works on the plants in Donji Miholjac, Viljevo and Slatina continues:

The following works are being carried out at the construction site in Donji Miholjac:

– relocation of water gauge panel and pipelines,

– the Osijek Koteks company is doing excavation works (oil separator),

– work on the handling area continues,

– concrete curbs are placed between the weighing scales and a large storage tank,

– a geodetic study of the installation stakeout is submitted, and after the works are completed, a geodetic study of the current situation will be submitted,

– works on the lightning protection system.


The following works are being carried out at the site in Viljevo:

– relocation of the water gauge panel,

– a new route of power cables is defined,

– electrical installation works are performed.


Construction site in Medinci:

– drainage system around all 3 digesters is set,

– digester 2 filling works are completed,

– the examination of rock embankment bearing capacity,

– drainage system is in operation and excavation works are carried out on the sloping wall of the largest tank.


The trial runs of the biogas plants are planned in:

– April 2018 at the biogas plant in Viljevo,

– May at biogas plant in Donji Miholjac,

– July at the biogas plant  in Medinci.


Construction site in the town of Donji Miholjac

Construction site in Medinci, near the town of Slatina